Selfish Genes in I.C.U.?

by Dr Michael Jarvis

Professor Richard Dawkins wrote The Selfish Gene book in 1976 and forty years later published a 40th Anniversary Edition. On-going scientific research has led to major new discoveries that throw light on how life processes function and some of these discoveries lead to a re-examination of Selfish Genes and their significance, as proposed by Richard Dawkins. His proposals are now being seriously challenged – hence the ICU analogy of this book.

Major discoveries include a vastly expanded fossil record, discoveries relating to the DNA codes of life, exposing the intricate complexities within living things, epigenetics, orphan genes, hox genes, mitochondrial DNA, quantum biology and the complexities of human consciousness.

Major developments within these research fields are placed within a scientific “melting pot”, enabling new proposals to emerge from the mix.

In Selfish Genes in ICU? Dr Michael Jarvis aims to present the information in a way that is understandable by readers without scientific training. At the same time, he is of the opinion that this information can motivate biologists to critically examine their understanding of evolutionary processes.

Topics covered

  1. introduction
  2. universe before life
  3. the age of our earth
  4. history of major changes on earth
  5. darwin’s theory of evolution
  6. richard dawkins ‘selfish gene’ concept
  7. how complete is the fossil record?
  8. distinguishing missing links from other complexities
  9. the dna code for life
  10. the simplest living cell
  11. viruses and their origin
  1. photosynthesis breakthrough
  2. increasing complexity of life
  3. important role of dinosaurs
  4. ecology and its intricate complexities
  5. intricate complexity: human eye
  6. intricate complexity: human ear
  7. intricate complexity: giraffe
  8. changes in the theory of evolution since darwin
  9. micro-evolution, macro-evolution, and mega-evolution
  10. more about evolution: epigenetics
  11. more about evolution: orphan GENES
  1. more about evolution: hox genes
  2. more about evolution: mitochondrial dna
  3. are mutations random?
  4. our quantum universe
  5. quantum biology
  6. consciousness and quantum connections?
  7. conscious universe?
  8. are selfish genes in icu?
  9. put it all in the “melting pot”
  10. quantum evolution theory
  11. my concluding statement

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Dr Michael Jarvis

Dr Michael Jarvis

About the Author

Dr Michael John Fulford Jarvis was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 1942, schooled in Nairobi, Kenya and graduated with a PhD in zoology from the University of Cape Town in 1971.

His background has similarities to those of Richard Dawkins. Both were born to British parents residing in East Africa and both studied zoology, with an initial emphasis on ethology but later diversifying into other zoological disciplines, including the role of evolution in the history of life on Earth.

Michael has written 100 scientific and popular science articles, authored or co-authored 6 books and presented papers at 26 scientific conferences. A full CV can be downloaded from

Michael is now a South African citizen. He has spent his life in Africa, mostly researching wild life, its relationship to conservation and to interactions with human populations. He and his late wife Anna moved to Wellington in the Cape Province of South Africa, where Michael now continues his research and provides consultations on a variety of topics.

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